Friday, September 29, 2006

Timeshare Sales - Another Scam

Another example of timeshare shady dealings.

Star-Telegram | 09/29/2006 | Postcard says you are an award winner -- but what's the prize?

Billy Byrd of North Richland Hills received a blue postcard from an" Awards Verification Center" in Arlington.

Robert Drewry of Fort Worth also contacted The Watchdog after his blue postcard arrived:" What bothered me was they kept sending me cards and calling me.

The postcards come from Silverleaf Resorts, a Dallas time-share resort company that owns 13 resorts and is listed on the American Stock Exchange.

The Villages Resort in Tyler is the closest Silverleaf property to Dallas-Fort Worth.

Sandra Paredes, the company's director of owner services, said that about 100,000" happy owners" bought at least one week a year in one of the company's condos that sleep six people.

Turns out that in the 20 years Paredes has worked for the company, no one has ever won the car.

You get your prize after you listen to a 90- minute sales pitch, she said, and use a scratch-off card to see what you win.

In general, the Bureau recommends responding to sales promotions of this type only if you are interested in what the company has for sale, and not just for the sake of a free gift.
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